Endless ways to come together.

How do you make more frequent, deeper connections with your healthcare customers? Make the connection process simple, convenient and inviting. Our online interaction management platform allows you to manage every aspect of each customer experience.

Use Zillion to:

Easily connect with patients

Share documents, schedule appointments, design and deploy guidelines and information.

Build a continuum of care

Customize programs, tools and educational materials to educate, support and engage patients on an ongoing basis.

Integrate and consolidate

Seamlessly integrate legacy systems with our open platform to both simplify and enhance customer engagement.

Deepen patient relationships

Provide an improved customer experience using highly tailored interactions. Embed the care experience online, on tablets and smart phones. Provide live coaching from anywhere.

Platform Components


Group Session

On-site sessions

Recorded Video

Video Curriculum

Data & Analytics

Content Library


Device Integration

& Forms

Advanced Scheduling

Lab Results

Boarding Pass

Yield Management