Why Zillion?

Flexible enough for individuals, smart enough to scale.

At Zillion, we believe health transformation happens one choice at a time.
Our choice architecture system empowers people one decision at a time for a healthier, happier life.

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Outcomes-Driven Platform

Personalized interactions
at scale.

By architecting behavior scaffolding, Zillion prompts individuals one choice at a time to influence the acute condition.

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News & Press

Zillion successfully completes integration of Restore Health acquisition and officially launches joint companies as Zillion, a behavior architecture company.

Today Zillion, a behavior architecture company, announced that it has finalized the integration of Restore Health within the Zillion brand family.  Restore, a leading multi-chronic condition behavior change program, was acquired by Zillion in October 2016.

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News & Press

How Health IT Helps Follow-Up Care, Chronic Disease Management

Apollo adopted Zillion's digital platform that is part telemedicine device, part patient portal, to help patients and providers communicate remotely, completely digitizing the follow-up care and health coaching process. This upped the convenience factor for patients, and made them more likely to engage in follow-up care. According to McWilliams, patients like the ability to access physicians and nutrition experts from the comfort of their own homes.

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