We empower people.

Zillion exists to empower people in evolving behavior to a desired state through architecting human choice with support from digital and relevant human interaction.
That is Zillion’s purpose.

About Us

Our Story

Our company was established in 2014 with the goal of improving virtual healthcare. Since then, our vision has evolved to address the complicated, inefficient communication between healthcare providers and participants today. In early 2015 we launched the Zillion technology platform to simplify the way they connect, enabling faster, cost-effective engagements.


We are leaders in technology and healthcare.

Brent Wilkinson
Chief Executive Officer
Hernando Barake
Chief Technology Officer
Andy Brooks
Chief Financial Officer
Cheryl Morrison Deutsch
Chief Experience Officer
Mark Rizza
Chief Information Officer
Ken Barlotta
VP of Sales
Our Team

Interested in joining our growing team?

For employment opportunities, please email zillionjobs@zillion.com or visit Zillion on LinkedIn.

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