Current Challenges

30% of your employees cost you 75% of your current spend.

1 in 3
1 in 3 of your employees is stuck in the middle between healthy and sick.*
Medical Spending
30% of your employees cost you 75% of your current spend.
Metabolic syndrome, when not addressed, leads to cancer, type 2 diabetes, risk of heart disease and more.
Engagement Rate
Average engagement rates of wellness companies is less than 20%.

Real Outcomes

By architecting behavior scaffolding, Zillion’s Restore program nudges individuals one choice at a time to be healthier and happier.

Introducing a program TO DECREASE HEALTH RISKS

  • Targets The Middle population: those with Metabolic syndrome and other core conditions
  • Combination of smart technology platform with an individualized coaching program
  • Digitalized program focused on insulin resistance and small lifestyle adjustments
  • Delivers digestible information in the form of nudges
  • Accesses live data from connected devices to monitor progress remotely
  • Engagement multiple times a day
  • Streaming and predictive analytics to increase the likelihood of success
  • Monetizes remote monitoring and chronic condition management, increasing efficiency

Behavior Architecture

Technology enables people interacting with real people.

With Zillion’s Restore program, members receive a personalized program with live one-to-one coaching. Restore meets members where they are and gets them back on track. They receive individualized nudges and tasks focused on four main areas in our curriculum: sleep, stress, nutrition, and exercise. Interactive lessons are delivered to each member based on their needs to guide them to a healthier lifestyle!

Easy synching devices for seamless data integration with the Restore application. This allows coaches to leverage streaming and predictive analytics to increase the likelihood of success for each individual.

The Value Add

Real people. Real savings. Real success.

Employees are getting happier and healthier, while you're reducing claim costs. At-risk model pricing with success guarantee.

  • savings
  • $2,700+


  • roi
  • 3x

    ROI in first year

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