Digital Chronic Condition Management Program
built on the Zillion platform


Beyond Weight goes digital to provide virtual care.

Dr. Reza Yavari, Beyond Weight inventor and founder, approached Zillion with a need to launch a digital chronic condition management program aimed at individuals suffering from obesity, diabetes, and metabolic syndrome.

The result – Beyond Weight, a personalized digital lifestyle modification program that uses clinically validated algorithms that assign individuals to unique plans and help them selfcoach for six months or longer. This automated and affordable program focuses on long-term weight loss and relapse prevention. Beyond Weight uses artificial intelligence (AI), enables tools to engage users, and teaches them cognitive skills to overcome adversity and setbacks.

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“Digital Health is often heavy on technology and light on clinically tested content. I chose Zillion after I saw their user-friendly and engaging mobile program called RestoreHealth. I quickly realized that it had an architecture that could easily be modified to deliver Beyond Weight’s algorithms and clinical program. I also know that behind the RestoreHealth interface, I could count on Zillion’s robust technology. It ended up being a better than perfect fit.”


Beyond Weight & Zillion SaaS

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If you require:

  • An in-person program you want to digitize
  • A chronic condition management program, but aren’t sure how to build and deliver it
  • Bringing a digital therapeutic product to market while continuing its development

Zillion is the answer.