Current Challenges

High friction tactics are ineffective at ensuring patients understand & follow plans.

Engagement Rate
Managing patients in the acute setting but have unreliable means of engaging people outside of the acute setting.
One Size
Providing a "One Size Fits All" discharge model and unable to adapt care plans to account for personal needs and psychographic segmentation that influences positive condition management outcomes.
Dated Tech
Using high friction methods of engagement that decrease their efficiency in supporting case loads.
No Connection
Operating below the top of their license which comprises their ability to efficiently support their patients.

Introducing The Solution

Zillion–Behavior. Architected.

  • Digitizes the discharge experience
  • Provides information in nudge format which delivers information in digestable formats
  • Accesses life data from connected devices to monitor progress outside of the acute setting
  • Utilizes a dashboard to prioritize outreach to those with the most critical needs
  • Streaming and predictive analytics to increase the likelihood of success
  • Monetizes remote monitoring and chronic condition management, increasing efficiency

Behavior Architecture

Technology that supports people,
not just patients.

With the Zillion platform, patients experience their discharge and instructions in an easy-to-understand digital format. They will receive personalized nudges that help keep them on track. Zillion provides multi-modal access to their Clinical Care team including text, video, pictures and phone. Easy synching devices for life data integration with clinical care teams allow teams to leverage streaming and predicitive analytics to increase the likelihood of success for each individual.

Real outcomes

By architecting behavior scaffolding, Zillion prompts individuals one choice at a time to influence the acute condition.

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