Current Challenges

Connecting with patients outside of the acute setting is critical.

Engagement Rate
Engaging people outside of the acute setting at a rate of less than 20%.
One Size
Providing a "One Size Fits All" model and unable to adapt plans to account for personal needs and psychographic segmentation that influences positive condition management outcomes.
Dated Tech
Using dated technology and processes to interact with members.
No Connection
Operating without connecting with members where and when they need it most.

Real Outcomes

By architecting behavior scaffolding, Zillion prompts individuals one choice at a time to aid in a healthy lifestyle.

Show me your outcomes
Introducing The Solution

Zillion–Behavior. Architected.

  • Refreshing the connection with people
  • Adapting workflows to meet people where they are
  • Increasing engagement through advanced technology
  • Working with you to assist members one nudge at a time
  • Architecting behavior for the next generation of CM, DM & UM
  • Enabling you to participate in the healthy lifestyle of your members

Behavior Architecture

Technology connecting people when they
need it most

With the Zillion platform, members gain customized guidance and human connections in a digital format. They receive personalized nudges where and when they need them that help keep them on track. Zillion provides multi-modal access to a coach including text, video, pictures and phone. Easy synching devices for life data integration with payer systems allow teams to leverage streaming and predictive analytics to increase the likelihood of success for each individual.