Current Challenges

Wellness is missing the mark

With the number of wellness programs and wellness companies skyrocketing, why are health care costs continuing to rise? Traditional programs are missing the mark, addressing symptoms, not root causes.

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Identifying the root cause

1 in 3 employees has Metabolic Syndrome

MetS is often undiagnosed, making it difficult to stay healthy, and leading to increased risk of heart attack, stroke, diabetes, cancers

Diabetes / Pre

New Target

The Middle: Rising-risk, High-cost


RestoreHealth is a twelve-month program that targets the 30% of your employees who compromise 70% of your annual health care spend – those with Metabolic Syndrome and other core medical conditions. We use a combination of smart technology with live individualized coaching outreach. Our digitalized program focuses on individuals learning how to make small lifestyle adjustments provided to them in a nudge format.


  • Real relationships – not Bot-driven
  • Personalized & relevant content for each member
  • Easy & simple to use
  • Persistent activation that leads to long-term ENGAGEMENT, positive OUTCOMES, and true ROI

Why RestoreHealth?

Our program targets the most at-risk groups and clients only pay for eligible enrolled members with 80% of our annual fee being refundable. We have greater than 65% monthly active usage and an average of 3.8 meaningful daily engagements during the high-intensity phase. This is accompanied by a one-to-one live coach relationship that’s based on member preferences and by personalized, easy to digest in-App content. Based on these factors, our overall clinical success rate of ~80% for those with metabolic syndrome leads to significant yearly health care cost savings for our clients.

Show me your outcomes
A Simple Process

How RestoreHealth Works

Stratify Population

Find the right people: using biometric screenings/claims data we stratify and find the high risk.

Marketing & Enrollment

We target and market to these employees with health fairs, marketing materials, emails, etc.

Delivery of Program

Zillion’s proprietary curriculum supports small, incremental changes that lead to lifelong healthy habits.

Engagement & Results

Our unique delivery results in significant clinical outcomes due higher than normal engagement.

The Value Add

Real people. Real savings.
Real success.

Employees are getting happier and healthier, while you're reducing claim costs. At-risk model pricing with success guarantee.





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Our Promise To You

The Zillion Guarantee

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Security matters

HIPAA compliant
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Transparent pricing & proven ROI

Up to 3x ROI in year one*
Up to 80% at risk
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Member testimonial

Lisa, a mother of two whose weight has always been a struggle. The past few years had been especially hard because of multiple surgeries on her feet. Lisa’s time on the RestoreHealth program has been so successful that she was able to lose 115 pounds and reverse several metabolic factors and is now living a happier, healthier, and more productive life.

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