RestoreHealth fills the gap where other wellbeing programs fail.

We address the root causes of chronic health conditions by encouraging lifestyle change. This leads to healthier employees – Saving your company money.

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As healthcare costs continue to rise, as an employer, you need to be proactive in preventing medical cost escalations by supporting your employees, and limiting your benefit expenses.

That is why RestoreHealth exists and can help. With person-to-person, individualized care, our program is proven to reduce costs, engage employees, and encourage healthy actions one step at a time.

Reduce Cost
Engage Employees
Encourage Healthy Habits

Identifying the root cause

Traditional wellness programs are simply not bending the healthcare cost curve.

While Metabolic Syndrome and healthcare costs continue to rise, traditional wellness programs are only addressing the symptoms, and not the root causes. You need a proactive solution that tackles these issues’ root causes to help your employees get healthier. Preventing MetS means decreasing the risk of heart attack, stroke, diabetes, and cancers - all directly related to real cost savings.

What is RestoreHealth?

A digital health program paired with live coaching to engage members on their personal journey.

RestoreHealth stratifies your employee population and addresses insulin resistance - the root cause of MetS. Our best-in-class technology anticipates an individuals’ needs and alerts our health coaches. The personal coach reaches out to a member via the mobile app through texting, calls, and messages to provide support and guidance because real relationships are a priceless, significant commodity. RestoreHealth is successful because it combines relevant content with innovative technology and live coaches.

Our Coaches
  • Backgrounds - Personal trainers, nutritionists, nurses, and physiologist
  • Especially good at building relationships
  • Care about each member’s well-being
  • Support members on their terms
Our Content
  • Tackles the four pillars of health: sleep, stress, exercise, and nutrition
  • Designed to build on activities and pair with coach suggestions
  • Continually growing library of content to be relevant and informative
  • Backed by science: tackles insulin-resistance
Our Technology
  • Over 1 million data points over time to craft RestoreHealth
  • Machine learning pairs with live coaching to provide nudges
  • Mobile-first and website delivery
  • Communicate in the palm of your hands through mobile app

One Step At A Time

Small changes lead to significant results.

We know that real change takes a culmination of many small steps over time. Our content is designed to give each member achievable success by engaging them where they need the most help. As each member is different, there is no set track for everyone to follow, but one crafted specifically for each member to address their unique needs.

A member might need extra help in sleep, while another struggles with nutrition. As small areas of success are achieved, members progress to other areas of focus to expand their knowledge in their health journey. Coaches walk with members throughout the program providing healthy nudges to encourage small steps, which lead to healthier and happier people - for life.

One program. Many areas of support.

Daily Coaching & Guidance
Your coach provides you the support you need via in-app messaging, text messages, emails, or phone. You get to set your communication preference.
Daily Exercises
Personalized to your fitness level and designed to help you get dramatic benefits with a few minutes of activity each day.
Personalized Nutrition
Your coach will help you select the perfect nutrition plan. Logging meals is a snap, all you have to do is take a picture to log your meals, and you’ll get immediate feedback from your coach.
Your coach and the connected devices provide accountability and encouragement in helping you reach your health goals.
Automatic Progress Tracking
Track your key activities, exercise, weight, food consumption, and stress levels, all with the focus of helping you regain your health and losing weight.
Sleep Tracking
Sleep has a significant impact on your hormones, health, and weight. We track your sleep and offer you input in getting the right amount.
Stress Reduction
How you handle life’s stresses has a significant impact on your overall health. We help you reduce stress using scientifically-proven relaxation techniques.
You’ll have the ability to interact with other members on RestoreHealth to uplift, educate, and encourage you during your time in the program.
Proper hydration is a vital part of any nutrition plan. Your coach will work with you to ensure you are meeting your specific hydration needs.
Through personalized lessons, you’ll learn the science behind how to create healthy habits to meet your individual health goals.
Goal Setting
With the assistance of your health coach, you get to create your weight loss and health goals and then work together to make them a reality. Goals are tracked in the app for additional support.
Your coach will support you to meet YOUR goals, YOUR way, on YOUR terms. They will work with you to encourage healthy habits along every step of your health journey.
Backed by better science, RestoreHealth is designed to provide you personalized strategies to help you regain your health. If one approach does not work, your coach will help you find another that fits your needs and your lifestyle.
With lessons, goal tracking, and streaks, you will find fulfillment in achieving your health goals.

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