A high-impact, low-cost telehealth program that addresses employee stress, anxiety, and overall wellness

RestoreResilience improves lives by providing daily mindfulness and engagement to help employees reduce depression and stress. Productivity starts with good health and wellness.

what our members have to say

It’s been nice to talk to someone with no shame or guilt and knowing the person on the other end is empathetic and non-judgmental. Honestly, I needed support in every aspect of my life. I’m so proud of the fact that I am once again in control of my life.”

-Margaret, RestoreResilience Member

of adults struggle with anxiety and depression in 2020 and 2021.
Now more than ever, employees need a solution to bridge the gap between regular wellness programs and clinical care. That’s where RestoreResilience steps in - creating an environment that encourages healthy mental practices that lead to positive physical actions and therefore healthy, happier and more productive employees.


RestoreResilience is a digital support program with live coaching that helps members mitigate stress, members deal with life issues during crisis, and form healthy habits through difficulties. The link between mental health and physical health is one we cannot deny and is furthered by a social connection.

RestoreResilience provides individuals with a personal live health coach, relevant and personalized content, community support, and engaging activities to aid employees in times of high stress or disruptive lifestyle changes. Clients use RestoreResilience to empower their employees to address mental and behavioral health issues before they escalate.

Our clients are part of the solution; they take a strong stance in supporting the whole health of their employees, while saving money in healthcare costs.

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How The Program Works

Improving lives by improving health one step at a time

Each member gets paired with a RestoreResilience coach that will be with them for the duration of the program. Coaches stay in touch via text messaging and scheduled phone outreach to ensure their needs are being met.
The web and mobile apps are members’ all-in-one ecosystem to better health. Members get daily educational content, personalized stress and sleep plans, progress reports, and more at the touch of a finger on an easy interface.
The program focuses on self-awareness, mindfulness, self-care, community, and purpose. Members learn to cultivate positivity, remain present in their life, manage emotional or mindless eating, and more through daily lessons and tasks.


Mental and Behavioral Health Screenings

RestoreResilience is partnered with Mindwise Innovations to further bridge the gap in care. Through the partnership, we are able to provide deeper, expert-created content in the areas of behavioral health and mental health along with data-driven strategies to support early intervention, education, and crisis management. Members have the ability to access Mindwise’s clinically validated screenings that encourage the early detection of mental health and substance use disorders, connect employees to quality treatment, and foster psychological safety. The screenings are a key step in reducing the stigma around mental health disorders and empowering individuals to get the health they need.

is lost by US employers per year because their employees with unresolved depression experience higher absenteeism, reduced productivity, and increased medical costs.

The value of RestoreResilience

of all enrolled members are engaged in the program
of members reported maintaining or reducing their stress level
of members found completed relaxation and stress lessons helpful

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