A telehealth program to help companies and their employees build the mental and physical resilience needed in challenging times.

Providing episodic assistance for individuals so they can live their best lives.

COVID-19 taught us the immense importance of providing employees with resources to help them handle life and social crises. As individuals struggle to adapt to a new schedule with working from home and the requirement of social distancing, the gap in care illuminated. Enhance your current Employee Assistance Program (EAP) with RestoreResilience – a personalized solution that can guide workers through a healthy, new routine.

RestoreResilience is an always-available digital support program that focuses on stress and anxiety, with additional health content in the areas of sleep, nutrition, and exercise. Each person is paired with a live personal health coach to schedule 1:1 calls or text sessions at whatever frequency they need. Enrolled members learn how to develop positivity, remain present in their daily life, manage emotional or mindless eating, and more through lessons and tasks. In addition, members have access to weekly community discussions and our RestoreTV sessions that focus on finding positivity in any challenging times they face.

Deploy RestoreResilience in times of crisis or when your company is going through workforce reductions, furloughs, acquisition, workplace crisis, or any major disruption that causes a departure from the normalcy of daily operations. Offer it now to support your employees--for today, tomorrow or whenever they need it most.

Controlling health through improvements in stress, sleep, nutrition & exercise.

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Expert Coaching
so you don't have to do it alone.

Each member gets paired with a RestoreResilience coach that will be with them for the duration of the program. Coaches stay in touch via text messaging and scheduled phone outreach to ensure their needs are being met.

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Award Winning Mobile App

Our web and mobile apps make engagement in the program simple and easy. Get daily educational content, personalized stress and sleep plans, progress reports, social support from a small group of peers, and more.

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Connect to your own devices

Sleep, stress, and weight data can be tracked automatically. This real-time health data is used to optimize your program to get the best possible results.

Watch the video to learn more about RestoreResilience

Why members on our program are successful:
 to use: it’s actually quite fun, too!
 app integrates with existing smart phone health suites.
 for each member: meeting you where you are.
 with lessons on topics such as: How to work from home and be productive, managing work and family schedules, and how to deal with economic anxiety.

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This program can be launched with your company’s branded signup page and delivered within 24-48 hours of a signed agreement.