Why Zillion?

Individual choice is the foundation of lasting health behavior.

Zillion exists to empower people in evolving behavior to a desired state through architecting human choice with support from digital and relevant human interaction.

That’s Zillion’s purpose.

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Quality Care 2.0

Excellent care needs a solid foundation.

Zillion enables organizations to bridge the gap between acute episodes of patient care and a person’s life behaviors. This drives increased likelihood of risk anticipation, appropriate intervention and mitigation of compromised outcomes by:

Analyzing remote data to understand where and why a specific behavior focus will increase individual risk mitigation.
Arming clinical care teams with intuitive technology that assesses intrinsic and extrinsic success criteria and architects choice patterns to result in behavior change.
Identifying choice patterns to influence and manage high-risk factors for better outcomes, higher quality of care, lower costs through efficiency and a leading patient experience.
Identifying and ranking patients with highest likelihood of success, while focusing on specific behavior scaffolding.
Leveraging influencers through individual choice architecture based on remote life data collection, not just retrospective acute episodes of care or
claims information.
Incorporating social networks to increase daily interactions with technology and quantify care team’s extrinsic value.
Completing the care cycle in
real-time to improve compliance with prescribed care plans.
Why Zillion?

Smart tools to extend your reach.

Connecting with people outside of the acute setting is powerful. It provides a unique opportunity to influence behaviors resulting in better quality of care and enhanced outcomes. Arming clinical care teams with intuitively designed technology to collect and analyze life data of patients drives the ability to anticipate risk and intervene prior to a compromised, acute outcome.

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